These belts are made of round wire that has been flattend to provide a flatter surface that creates a smooth carring surface for small unstable parts.

Flat wire conveyor belts provide an open mesh for easy drainage and flow of air, gases or liquids through the belt and around the product.  This enables easy belt cleaning. Flat wire is economical with a long life and smooth operation suitable for friction or sprocket drive.

Features include flat surface, easily cleanable, endless splicing, positive sprocket drive, easy to replace a section that is damaged or worn down, open for drainage and air circulation.  They are used in some of the following applications:  food processing, canning, baking, freezing, agricultural applications, farming, as well as Parts washing, drying, cleaning, painting, drying, and transferring; also used as matting and drag mats. 


Flattened Wire Conveyor Belts